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Not again

What a shitty week this is. Another of my heroes, Alan Rickman, has died from cancer aged 69. I never managed to see him on stage but I had hoped that I would one day see him. that’s never going to happen now and I feel an ache that he is gone.

Last year I wrote about Harry Potter and how I felt when Snape’s story ended. The only reason I watched the film series was because of Alan Rickman – I haven’t read the books but one day a friend put on the first Harry Potter film while I was visiting and I was hooked. I didn’t care about Harry, Hermione or Ron or any other character, but I did want to know more about Snape, who always seemed to be something more than he appeared. All of this was because of Rickman and what he brought to the role.

Dangerous Liaisons is a favourite film of mine and John Malkovitch made an excellent Valmont but I would have loved to see the original stage play, Les Liaisons dangereuses with Alan Rickman as the lead character. I have read that he simmered on stage and people left the theatre wanting to have sex and preferably with Alan Rickman.

Someone posted a link to a reading of Proust by Rickman that is very relevant and although it makes me sad to listen to it, the words are so very true. A beautiful talent and soul taken too soon.

And I added the tortoise video because even if one person manages to click through then it will have done its job. Though who knows if the revenue still goes to the cause. I hope so.

The picture’s not mine – it came from here (and it’s probably not theirs either).

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