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The Host

How could I have been so foolish? I will never trust you again!

I’ve been happily watching a season of science fiction films on TV and tonight was the turn of The Host, which had an interesting trailer (made by the TV channel, not the official trailer). Straight away I was suspicious, implanting The Host was something akin to an Apple fanboy opening their first piece of kit, then there was the dialogue, clunky, formulaic and the whiny voice of the protagonist.

So I had a quick check on Rotten Tomatoes and learned all I needed to know, The Host is from Stephanie Myers. That’s Stephanie Twilight Myers.

Been trying to work out why all The Hosts are driving around in mirrored cars. Maybe they can’t see colour, or don’t like it. Or it’s a pathetic attempt to look futuristic. When I say I was trying to work it out, I was using the very tiniest edge of one brain cell.

Oh I’ve had enough, even as background noise. The soundtrack is worse than the film. Please stop the cellist. Please.


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