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Deathly Hallows Pt 2

I haven’t read the books so this was always going to be a surprise for me. It almost wasn’t a surprise at all because the second hand Blu Ray I’d bought from my local bookshop didn’t have a disc inside it – this made for a frantic drive down the street to find out if they still had the disc. It turned out that I needed to take in the cover and they could check. Back I went and grabbed the cover and yes! The disc was still in the drawer. I tend to buy about 8 films and series at a time so there are always plenty of discs to match with the cover. I didn’t mind, even though it was months after I’d bout the Blu Ray, they still had it. I had had to wait because they didn’t have the third or fourth film and I had to wait until it came in before I could get it and begin my binge.

I thought the first part was grim and it was – starkly lit and minimal number of characters but I didn’t know what was going to happen in the second part. I wish I didn’t know, being punched in the face after 7 films by the death of the best character wasn’t fun.

Oh and the Irish guy knows explosives? Really?

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