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I’ve been waiting for this for ages, and this week in particular was a long one – David Bowie has a new album out and I wanted to make sure I had it on the release day – his 69th birthday – so as Friday approached I was getting more and more excited. The title track, Blackstar had already been released, it’s a 10 minute long song and both the song and the video are incredible.

Only once in my life have I had a friend who liked Bowie, back in the 90s. All through school and later it was just me. I visited the David Bowie is exhibition by myself (twice) last year and it was a wonderful experience. But I spoke to a friend about my mission to buy the new album on Friday and received a most nonplussed reaction. They just didn’t get why I liked Bowie.

But now I have it, ironically I also have a killer headache so I barely could listen to it, but I completed my mission.

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